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Nolan and Kim Lewallen were married in 2016, and their home is near Stephenville, Texas. Together, they have seven children and five grandchildren.

Kim is a former competitive swimmer and competed in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles in the 200 meter breaststroke. Growing up in a large family with seven siblings, who were all swimmers, Kim had the goal of making it to the Olympics even as a small girl. She shares in her testimony that although she was unaware of it at that young age, she began to operate in genuine faith by simply “visualizing” herself in the Olympics.

Nolan lost his wife of 38 years, Zandra, to cancer in 2014, which was subsequent to the recording of his CD on healing, "I Will."  When asked if that tragic event altered his belief system concerning the message that it is God’s will to heal everyone, his reply was, “I would say, yes, it has but not like you would think. I BELIEVE IT EVEN MORE NOW, after witnessing what she went through, which was certainly not the Father’s will for His children. Furthermore, her death did not change God’s Word, and I am more passionate than ever about getting this message out there.” Nolan addressed scenarios like this in “Fallacy #8” in Part 1 of that message.

Nolan has appeared on several Christian television programs, including The Herman and Sharron Show (Christian Television Network), The Bridge (The Miracle Channel in Canada and the NRB channel in the United States), and The Harvest Show (LeSEA Broadcasting Network). Nolan has published Where’s My 100-Fold Return? A Troubleshooting Guide for the Discouraged Tither (2009), the Sports Edition of the Bible (1996), and The Cowboy Pictorial Edition of the Holy Bible (1981). Nolan is also a pilot for a major airline (Paul was a tentmaker, you know.)

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